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Virtual Training #3 Offensive Moves & Agility Training

Virtual Training #3 “Offensive Moves & Agility Training”
July 6th - July 9th
Cost: $50 for all 4 days

(Monday - Thursday) 10am - 11:30am
Training is appropriate for boys and girls ages 8-12

Camp description - what to expect
Want to learn how to get past any defender who dares to guard you? Want to get to the basket with Ease? Join our 4 day "Offensive moves & agility" camp! This camp will focus on multiple moves & techniques designed to make your son or daughter tough to defend. From a "rip drive" to a "rocker step" this camp is perfect for anyone who has a desire to add some lethal moves to their "arsenal." We will also incorporate some awesome footwork drills that are guaranteed to increase lateral quickness and your "first step."

What you need - All participants need is an internet connection, a computer, phone, or tablet, two basketballs, and a space in the driveway or garage. But most importantly, a desire to get better!