Cetain leagues will be designated as “Select Leagues” On evaluation day – we “select” boys to play in either the NCAA division, or the NBA division. The NCAA division is for boys that have average skills, may be somewhat new to the game or simply may need a boost in confidence. The NBA division is for boys that are clearly experienced, have mature skill level and dripping with confidence.
The purpose is simply to offer what players need: an opportunity to train and play against players of similar skill level. This becomes increasingly more of a need as players mature. For parents who have a young player that is showing promise and developing talent, but who do not welcome the challenging rigors of AAU basketball (i.e. travel, time, expense, playing time and commitment,) there needs to be a healthy alternative. We hope this concept can fill that need. Alternatively, we’ve had some young players who are new to the game, but are thrust into a competitive situation against more advanced players: they quickly lose confidence and walk away from the game too soon. The Select League is a healthy solution to this.