Although the leagues attracts top talent - the emphasis is clearly on the development of the player - not the team! We teach Motion Offense in all our leagues (except our “Lil Dribblers League”) It’s an offense that is ideal for youth! This offense teaches screening, how to balance the floor, good spacing, how to move without the ball to get open, dribble penetration, and it requires each player to play all five positions. Our purpose in teaching Motion Offense to all our players is simple; instead of teaching plays, it teaches how to play. 

A common complaint in many leagues is that practice times are spent working on team offense, team defense, team out of bounds plays...rarely do players work on individual skills. Not so in Yes I Can Basketball leagues. All practices are conducted by trained Yes I Can staff before each game; insuring plenty of work on improving individual skills. Each player goes through 40 minutes of non stop high energy individual drills before each game. No scheduled practices during the week. No travel!

A common complaint in many leagues is that unless you're one of the top players on the team - don't expect to play quality minutes. Not so in Yes I Can Basketball Leagues. Equal playing time is strictly enforced.

The first day of league is devoted to evaluation and teaching. Players will be rated and then drafted. “Our goal is to have the games as close and exciting as possible. We can make this happen by doing our best to balance the talent level of the teams.” Zone defense is not allowed. Players will play strictly man to man defense.