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Boys League #6

This league is sold out. We DO however have room in our Boys 8-9 league at Leaf Springs  Academy. This is League #7 on our registration page.
What: League #6  boys ages 8-9
Where: Charlotte Preparatory School - located at 212 Boyce Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211
When: 8 Sunday afternoons December 8th - Feb 9th (off Dec 22nd and 29th)

This is one of our TRADITIONAL LEAGUES: boys report each Sunday afternoon for 40 minutes of skills training followed by a 40 minute league game

First day is 1:30pm Sunday Dec 8th
Plan on your son being in the gym for around 2 1/2 hours the first Sunday! On this day we'll draft teams/honor teammate requests, hand out uniform tops and schedules, assign coaches, teach our motion offense and if time permits play a practice game.

For the following 7 weeks, boys will report each Sunday at either 1:30 or 3pm for 40 minutes of professional skills training followed by league game – no scheduled practices during the school week, all training done before league games.  Every effort will be made to honor all teammate requests - but not if request causes teams to be unbalanced. "friendship will not trump fairness"

FAQ: What if we cannot attend the first day evaluation?
No worries!! Your son will be placed on a team, his schedule and roster will be emailed to you, and your son's jersey will be waiting for him at the gym next weekend! 

FAQ: Who will be training my boy - coaching him?
Our site directors are carefully hand selected professionals that have impressive basketball experience - but also have the ability to teach and motivate young players. They will handle the instruction/drills each league day. We rely on parents to volunteer to coach the actual games.  Positive spirited adults with a love of serving are encouraged to sign up to coach! 

League features:*40 minute games *professional skills training by our paid staff members *equal playing time *balanced teams to insure close competitive games *no scheduled practices during the week, all practices held before league games*man to man defense *5 man motion offense 
Cost $189